• Started selling land at about 6am today stayed on the phones until about 2.30 to go get the kids. Tallied up the sales and sold just over 45k in land from 500$ to $5000 properties. No big $ deals just bread and butter solid sales all day. It’s fun! One lady was screaming happy to buy some land in northern AZ. She called to ax me some questions.…[Read more]

  • My quick and dirty comp search on Landwatch:
    1. lookup the county : total properties (land only)
    2. 4 – 5 acres : total
    3. Find cheapest 5 acre
    4. Narrow to City to see where the cheapest 5 acres are located. If there are few 5 acres find out why. Are there large properties only? Small properties only?
    5. Pass or continue research on Landwatch and…[Read more]

  • We prefer a very clean and streamlined method for purchases and sales.

    1. Buying. $X,XXX via cashier’s check to you, we will pay for any and all associated costs. Next steps: you meet the notary, sign the paperwork, and take your check. It is that simple.

    2. Selling for cash. $X,XXX cash for recorded deed in hand. It is that simple. You…[Read more]

  • I sincerely apologize.

    We made a mistake in our valuations and offer amounts.

    Based on our revised valuations, I can only offer you $X,XXX (Wells Fargo cashier’s check delivered in three days) for the property.

    I know that this is less than the amount that we offered in our letter, but it is the best that I can do.

    I totally understand if…[Read more]