• Palani Wright posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    My biz partner & I are starting to purchase a few properties that we got from mailers that we sent out. My question is how do some of the seasoned vets stay organized with all the property they buy?

    • Spreadsheets. Was joking with the banker on my fourth visit to the bank today. Think I bought 120 properties today. Not all mine. Numbers after splits but still. That is a lot of land.

      • I use Google Sheets and Google Drive a lot. As for customers and keeping track of people and their contact information, I use HubSpot. Can’t believe its free. Super helpful.

      • @luketsmith Thanks, that’s what I figured….didn’t know if there was a easier way. @anwarm I’m using google sheets for the property but I like the idea of Hubspot for the contact info… I’ll try that.
        Thanks a ton