• Laurie,,,Thank you SOOOOOOO much.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m starting to scale up in a major way by sending out A LOT more mail to a few counties but starting to see how keeping track on the counties that I mailed can be a challenge. Currently I have a folder of the counties I have mailed with a description of the different size ranges & demographics so that I can reference when they c…[Read more]

  • @ Laurie…BOOM, yup that totally works. Thank you so much. My issue was when I pull data from a county it’s all over the place which can vary in price by thousands. Now that you have shown me that I can now segment by city’s in the counties which the price will be the same and cut down on my hate calls. HAHA
    Again Thank you

    @Jack, Yes Ive been…[Read more]

  • Are you able to target a city or a zip code in the data set? I know you can do it in 247 agent pro but can’t find it in corelogic. Any help this would be sooooo AWESOME!!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to ask this group of pros & novices what they do in regards to setting up their company. Do you use a LLC, Sole, C-corp or S-corp etc.? and why you chose that way?

    Also, if you partner up with someone on a deal…how do you structure the taxes in each circumstance. Do you split the profits & let each party handle them on…[Read more]

  • Like Kevin said, just answer the question honestly, I have sold two properties were the buyer wanted a real estate agent involved. I simply told them that any & all fees are to be paid by the buyer & they agreed…they just wanted piece of mind that the deal was gonna go through. Super easy. BUT it sounds like your not sure what this realtor…[Read more]

  • @Aggieland It was sooo long go I forget what we were using but that’s what I was thinking as well. Yes, same thing I was thinking with the IF any addresses are being removed.

  • Ive been doing this off & on for a few years now & with every mail batch that I have sent out in the past I would get a bunch of (return to senders) or (Undeliverables) back but since Ive been using corelogic & offer to owners I haven’t gotten one back…which is good but makes me curious as to why. Is corelogic just that good or is a address…[Read more]

  • I wasn’t a believer in this…I thought that NO ONE would ever purchase property from me unless they talked to me first. I WAS WRONG! Had someone email me with one question and the next day had a purchase of $5k from my site. I think if your able to make videos (YOUTUBE) on your properties like some of the PRO members @lukesmith that people will…[Read more]

  • Palani Wright replied to the topic Iron County in the forum **Ask A Question** 7 months ago

    @Shawn Swisher, So far that county has been pretty good for me…but Jack is the expert so after these mailers I won’t dabble in that area…at least for a a while. Thanks for that info, I really appreciate it!

    @Rod Hall, That’s a great site…not sure why i did’nt find it but super informative. TY

  • Hey Everyone,

    This is just a shot in the dark but is there anyone in Based in Las Vegas or that comes to Las Vegas that is IN any of the academy programs & wants to meetup? I just got done watching a LIVE FB of all the people attending the in person meetup & the biggest take away from that video was networking. By meeting up with other people in…[Read more]

  • I would like to move into a few counties located in Colorado…though recently I was told that when doing terms in certain/maybe all counties in colorado you may have to file the property with the county with the buyers name but if they default on the payments you have to file it through the court to get it back that may be pretty costly. Does…[Read more]

  • Palani Wright started the topic Iron County in the forum **Ask A Question** 8 months ago

    Has anyone had any issue using parcel fact in Iron County Utah? For some reason it doesn’t work for me in that county. Please let me know.

  • Hi Everyone,

    So I have done a few mailers 20-30ish with good results. A few home runs & a couple base hits which is great…though I don’t think I’m using my time efficiently as I should.

    Here’s my process, once I pick a county I first search out how many properties are in that particular county of the size I’m looking for. (Let’s say 1-5…[Read more]

  • Brandon,
    Don’t over think it, if you follow the steps in the video you’ll do just fine.

    When people close to you tell you your nut’s, they won’t say that after your first profitable campaign!

    As for excel…Deleting rows, sort A to Z , sort by value, copy & paste is really all you need but anything other than that is a youtube video away.

    Yes…[Read more]

  • Palani Wright replied to the topic Note Selling in the forum **Ask A Question** 10 months ago

    EXACTLY Trevor!!! YES!

    Example: I want $10k for a property but can get $15 on payments (totally doable) I sell the note “contract” to a investor for $10k with the payments being serviced by a company & guarantee payment of at least 6 months or we will find another buyer for free. After the six months is up and if the buyer defaults we will charge…[Read more]

  • Palani Wright replied to the topic Note Selling in the forum **Ask A Question** 11 months ago

    Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for that info. Currently that’s what we are doing…using the monthly payments to pay for the expenses…Just a thought because I have a few coworkers (at the day job) who here about the profits in the business & would like to get involved. I thought this might be a way for them to invest…they get a healthy return & I get my…[Read more]

  • Has anyone ever sold the note before?

    Let say that your having a tough time selling a certain property for cash but you sell a property under contract (terms)…package up that deal and sell the note to get your cash price .

    Ex: Your trying to sell the property for $5k cash but your only getting interested people at $8k on terms.Once the…[Read more]

  • Awesome, thank you for that. That was mentioned to me as well, I think that’s the best route. Again, thank you for that info.

  • My Partner & I are starting to get everything more structured & legit, (backwards yeah I know…haha) but I’m for any advice from people who may be in the same situation as to what they have done & what works best for them. The corp will be owned equally 50/50 that holds all the property & funds. What would be the best, C corp, S corp or LLC? I…[Read more]

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