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    Brian L
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    Well, I’m not exactly what you call a “quick starter”. After MUCH research and trying to figure out which course I wanted to take (or if I wanted to “wing it”). I decided to join LA. This is a HUGE first step for me. I found out about vacant land a couple of months ago on a podcast (I think it was bigger pockets) and I was instantly interested in it and began consuming all that i could to try and find out how to get started. I researched 3 other courses, and while all 3 were less $$, I just didn’t fell good about them. Too salesy, too much upselling, too slimy feeling.. but after listening to about a hundred episodes of the podcast, emails with LA support, and even Facebook stalking other members for reassurance, I intimately decided LA was the best, and I was going all in!

    If you know me , you will know it was a tough decision to join. I inherently doubt everything. I doubt that it work, I doubt myself in doing it, I doubt..I worry. When I worry i do research. But at some point you just have to stop doubting, worrying, and reading, and you have to jump.

    Tonight I jumped.

    To say I’m excited about this is the understatement of the year. Like I told a family member. I will either fail miserably , or I will succeed far beyond my expectations. I now have a monetary motivation staring at my in the rear view to move forward, and with velocity.

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  • Marcus
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    It took me a year and a half from the time I joined the board to the time I got the program and sent out mail, congrats on getting here!

    I will either fail miserably , or I will succeed far beyond my expectations.

    Fail in the beginning, learn as you go, and then succeed, nothing wrong with both!

    Kevin Farrell
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    Hi Brian – Welcome to Land Academy and the Land Investors Forum. Glad you joined us.


    Brian L
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    Thanks Kevin, I needed that final push to get me here!

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