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    Brian Carmody
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    Hi Everyone,
    I’ve been fortunate enough to attract people interested in buying land through my website. Some of them are looking for land in areas where I don’t have inventory however.

    The first thing I do when this happens is I try to look at as many Land Academy member websites as I can find to see if you all have what they need so that I can bring the buyer to you.

    That said, I’ve been relying on finding websites through the few people I know in the Land Academy. I know I’m barely scratching the surface of what you all have out there simply because I don’t know about your website. Is there a central repository of where all of our websites are listed linking out to each website? This would be a great way, and much faster and more thorough way, to scan everyone’s inventory to see if I can bring you a buyer, and vice versa.

    I know a few people have posted that they have a buyer seeking land in the Hoot Board. I’ve done that also, but I know that not everyone checks that every day, or even every week, since we’re all busy running our businesses (and working our day jobs in many cases).

    If there is no resource like this, I would be willing to build it for us. I’d appreciate your answers, comments, or ideas.

    Brian Carmody
    My personal cell: 774-232-0569

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  • Edgar
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    A lot of members here including myself use

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