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    Hey there!
    I have an embarrassingly newbie question for you guys… I haven’t hired a land photographer before and wanted to know what types of things do you request when looking to hire a photographer/drone photographer? What questions or requirements do you ask of the photographer?

    Are there things in particular I should request or look out for?

    If any of you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience and pearls of wisdom I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Shabado – I run an ad in Craigslist and request a photographer to take pictures of vacant land. I need images to be at least 3 megapixels and prefer that they are taken on a clear sky day. I want the following:

    View of property from roadside
    View standing on Property looking N, S, E and W
    View looking down road in front of property
    Any interesting images in the area of the property
    (I get 7 or 8 photos of each property)

    Pictures to be named so that I know what property and what view.

    I pay $100 per lot and sometimes I pay extra for travel. I try to arrange for groups of properties to be shot in one trip. That way someone can make a day of it, shoot 6 parcels and make $600. When I do it this way, they usually don’t ask for travel pay. Payment is usually by PayPal after I see proofs. Some just send the pics and I pay.

    I know that everyone does this differently but any way you do it, it will work. Just get the pics.

    Oh, I almost forgot – Drone. I have only done that once and it was for a very special property that was tree covered and hilly. Photos did not do it justice.


    John Pitkin
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    I use a similar list of requirements. I also ask for some video panning across the front of the property.
    Sometimes photographers don’t follow instructions, so you might consider attaching a percentage of the total payment to each of your requirements. That way you don’t pay full price if they forgot something.

    Joe Schmitt
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    I post under Craigslist Labor Gigs and I pay $65 or $75. This is what I send to potential photographers.

    Thank you for agreeing to take pictures of the property that we have for sale. All pictures must be taken on a sunny day. We will not pay for pictures if they are not bright and sunny.

    Please provide the following:

    Several pictures of the road approaching the property as well as the direct approach to the property itself from the road.
    A picture of your phone with one of the GPS coordinate that we provided you for the property
    10+ pictures of the property from all angles (facing north, south, east, west). Please try to get the horizon in the middle of the picture.
    A 30 second, 360 degree video of the property (turn in a circle slowly).
    Pictures of any notable landmarks, recreational areas, or other areas of interest near the property (not required, but very much appreciated)
    Pictures of any junk or major debris on the property
    Pictures of any closeby “for sale” signs the contain phone numbers including realtor signs

    Please send a basic write up of how to get to the property as well as a few sentences about the condition of the property and general area.

    You can make the pictures and video available via Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Neil H
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    I also ask the photographer to give me a description of the area and neighboring lots — any trash, dumping, funny smells, loud noises, dumped appliances, toxic sludge, etc. I’m also proactive and will state things like please don’t get drone footage of the mining operation over the hill (a few miles away) or smoke from the forest fires in the distance. Ha.

    For what it’s worth, here are the descriptions of two properties by the drone photographer of my properties that I purchased and sold in 2018:


    -Excellent condition county road
    -Poor condition double track in subdivision, but doable in a car if you’re brave.
    -GPS location brought me to the little wood “bridge” (you’ll see in the pictures), Google Maps address brought me to the old driveway about 100 yards down the road. I shot this one wide because it was hard to tell what was the property and what wasn’t, there are rebar survey pins all over the place, including in some illogical locations.
    -Quiet, very remote.
    -Neighbor to southeast is doing some construction work with a skidsteer, slightly noisy. Neighbor to northwest was shooting the entire time I was there.
    -Lots of campers in the subdivision, only one within sight of the property
    -No sign of utilities
    -Clean, no dumping or camping evidence
    -Signs of old driveway and leveled spot for building/camper parking (easily visible from drone shots)
    -Got covered in red ants everywhere I walked or stood
    -Lots of fresh cow pies, saw very small herd over south hill as I left
    -Relatively flat-ish/gentle rolling


    -Excellent condition county road
    -Very close to downtown
    -Frequent vehicle traffic (couple times per minute)
    -Quiet other than the cars, no sign of neighbors
    -Driveway can’t be used, significant size trees growing in the middle of it
    -Looks like property has electric (took a shot of box)
    -Heavily wooded but no undergrowth, easy to get around
    -Clearing isn’t very clear anymore, lots of small trees growing
    -Smashed up old dresser at top of driveway, otherwise very clean
    -Pretty steep lot other than flat clearing

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