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    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to see what success you all have been having lately? Feel free to share any stories you have.

    Last month I sold about 25k worth of property for a net cash profit of about 13k. This includes three properties with a handful of small assignment fees. Until last month I hadn’t come close to these kinds of numbers so I was pretty happy. I wont hit that number this month but that has allowed me to step back and take a look at why I am not hitting it. What I found was that I need to focus more on what makes the most money. Shocking what I found… I need to focus on consistent mailers and acquisitions of property in higher demand areas. There are some other things I realized with this as well but I will leave them for another time.

    My other success is that about two months ago I started using a VA company that has taken a lot off my plate for a good price. I have so much more time now to focus on the bigger picture which is awesome. Another shocking revelation… I definitely waited too long to start using a VA.

    These aren’t necessarily big wins by any means but they sure allowed me to see that I am headed in the right direction.

    So, what are some of your successes?

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    Great stuff Christian! Thank you for sharing your success. I took a little brake. But I am getting ready to push my comfort zone much much further soon.

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