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    Lance Johnson
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    Hello Land Investors!

    I recently listed to the podcast on using Redfin data for comps. What great stuff! I also heard Jill mention she passed on a deal someone had brought her since the days on market were going up in that county.

    That brought up a few questions for me.

    To give context, I’m looking to buy properties that would retail for between $35,000 and $75,000 and then sell them for half that.

    Onto the questions:

    1. How many properties do you want to be for sale in your target market? E.g. if there are five properties for sale is that too few? 50 properties for sale are too many?
    2. What’s your cutoff point for days on market for Redfin?
    3. How many sales are you looking for in the past 3 months/6 months/year?

    Thanks in advance!
    JMJ -Lance

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