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    Luke Smith
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    If anyone wants to team up on a mailer to get cheaper rates and or automation I am willing to do all the work. I can pull data on the county and the specifics you want, scrub it, then merge them and get them out with all your info in there along with what ever mailer I am doing. I will send you the data to reference when people call.

    Will just put mail merge fields in for our phone, names, addresses, website, fax, email, or what ever customization you want out of Steve’s offer letter on top of the county data.

    Just like the offers go to different people they can look like they came from different people.

    If we send out more we get cheaper rates from letterprinting.net. I am sure we are not working the same area and numbers.

    If you are up for this let me know what you want to send out or budget you are looking for and I will quote you at the best cost I can figure out. If you like it then send me cost and whatever you think this service is worth to you and together we can both win.

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  • Chris
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    @Luke Smith

    What type of discount do you think we can get?

    When are you planning on doing your next mailing?

    Anthony F
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    @Luke Smith

    Luke if you are still interested in doing this please let me know. Think this could be an effective way to send out mailers cheaper. Looking to team up.

    Brandon Price
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    Great idea!

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    Hi Luke
    Are you still interested in teaming up with sending mailers

    I am Interested



    Anthony Lerch
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    I would also be interested in doing this at some point. Let me know if you have plans to send a big batch out.



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