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    Gary Rowe
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    In searching the forums I did not find where this was posted previously, so I wanted to share something I stumbled across in a WSJ article of 30 June:

    FIRST STREET FOUNDATION, a non-profit, is sharing at no charge a resource for flood modeling. It can be accessed at FLOODFACTOR.COM, and reportedly assesses 14.6 million properties being at 1% annual flood risk versus FEMA’s 8.7 million. The reason for the difference is said to be the fact that FF includes parts of the country not mapped by FEMA and also includes current climate data and flooding due to rainfall whereas FEMA is focused on floodplain management.

    The entire article I referenced is worthwhile reading. I’ve attached a PDF copy.

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  • Gary Rowe
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    Sorry, the article was apparently too voluminous to attach. If you want a PDF copy email me at:

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