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    I loved those last few member interview podcasts. Why? Because these guys are more real. They show reality in this business too. Their numbers are real. Some of their deals are not that great. They don’t have too much funds. They are struggling in some ways or the other. This is majority of us.

    Some say this business is not work at all. It’s pure fun! Well that’s not true.

    It’s so easy! That is not true either! It’s not easy. It’s fun, but it is not easy.

    I’m losing 2 contract payers after just 2 months of payments. Not a big deal, but there you have it. There are roadblocks.

    Stop bragging about your fantastic deals. Or brag, but share some real stuff too.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Milan – thanks for keeping things real here. I run into obstacles every day. I have a terms buyer who is a potential repeat buyer. He is buying 5 acres for $200 down and $100 per month. I set up a ZimpleMoney account and he can’t get it to take the payment. I can’t see his side of the application and ZM wants me to have my customer call for support. We can’t resolve it and I have egg on my face. This looks very unprofessional IMO. I am switching to a different payment system that we will have to keep track of monthly – but we know it works!

    I just mailed to a county in the midwest and started getting calls. The usual; some angry, some not. What I have noticed is that the properties are way more improved than zero %. Whoops. Some have mobile homes on them with water and septic hooked up and electricity. I should have cut off the total assessed value a bit lower. I think you have to work in a county for a few months to get the know the ropes.

    My whole day is spent solving current problems and then working to try to prevent them in the future. And sometimes I buy and sell land.

    As Milan said – it’s hard work and it’s fun. I don’t think it’s easy

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    Trevor Probandt
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    You think this is tough??? Go walk through burn houses where people died, aka krispy kritters, go have a roof fail on a rehab deal you were doing. Run around hammering in bandit signs at 2:00 am to keep from getting caught by the city folks.

    Cold call one apartment owner after another using, literally making hundreds of calls a week, trying to get owners of apartments complexes to give me a shot to sell below market, only to hope to keep 3% of the deal once your banker, broker, management company and your sponsor, aka rich guy get paid first. Or lose thousands of dollars on a big apartment deal in south Dallas when the bank renigs on you AFTER you have gone hard on your deposit money. Basically I paid the owners $50k for nothing, THAT is not fun.

    Business is business my friend, I know it is tuff sometimes. Try losing a HUGE government contract in the middle east for no reason of your own, THAT sucks.

    Brush off and get going again. Nothing wrong with venting a bit, just don’t let the roadblocks stop you. You got this!!!!!

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    I didn’t say it’s tough.

    Nothing in western world is really tough.

    I’m talking about real. Not tough.

    Aaron Sauceda
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    Milan – I just had a terms deal fall through. My buyer paid the down payment and first months payment then backed out. I refunded her.

    Currently buying property and getting leads to sell, but no sales. I feel like my time is constantly spent trying to make money versus creating a business that makes money. It’s taxing with a demanding full-time job and young family.

    But I’ll press on. There you have it: it’s not all flowers and lilies.

    Michael Aillon
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    I hear ya Trevor. I hope your business explodes. You deserve it!

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