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    Jacob Worth
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    I’ve been eager to start land investing for about a year now, however, due to my finances I’ve only been able to save up a few thousand to commit to this business without putting my family’s financial security at risk. I’m wondering at minimum what amount do I need to get started land investing. Let me know thanks!

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  • Marcus
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    Depends on what you consider a few thousand to be. If it’s below 2, I’d keep saving, you’ll need that money for data and mailers alone. You can use Agentpro247 for data if you don’t have the money for Land Academy and the $250/month subscription. I saved for 1.5 years, joined last Dec during the Xmas discount. Had about 8k then. I’m down a little but but slowly topping it back off to where it was. Haven’t done a deal yet but I’m mailing for properties that I can’t afford, that way I can get in on bigger deals through partners and scale up faster than I could on my own.

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