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    I am relatively new in the businesses ( a year ) having closed several deals only.
    None exceeding 10 K and all of them self closed.
    Not once I was able to find a notary public willing to accept my cashiers check and hand it to the seller while notarizing the deed. Each time I had improvise and on a couple occasions I have just sent my check to the seller before receiving a deed.
    I cringe at the thought of using escrow and not only for paying an outrageous amount of money for such a minimal work but waiting for weeks what can be done in a matter of days. Nonetheless if reasonably priced I would happily employ them since self closing without much experience ( and if in the different states) could be frustrating- putting it mildly. On one occasion my documents have been returned and the recording delayed 2 months because I have overpaid the fees for $ 2.
    I will definitely use them in much higher priced deals but for now I would be happy to hear your suggestions and experiences.
    Good luck to all

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    John – Never heard of a traveling notary who would not deliver the check when getting the deed signed/notarized by the seller. I have done over 100 self close deals like this. Never had this happen. Do you use

    And, yes, I recommend that you only use title companies for deals that you buy for $7000 or more. And, yes, it takes a lot more time.

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    Thanks Kevin.
    I have searched for them by a zip code and as an example- my last two sellers have resided in remote areas, one New York state and the other one Idaho. Good to know my experience is an exception. Hopefully I will have more luck next time

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