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    Luke Smith
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    Been getting such nice success on the land offers thought I better start making offers to get my mailing list jam packed full of buyers I can market to.

    Any pointers you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

    YouTube speaks to me so I would like to focus in on the YouTube channels I watch anyway.

    Channels that are jam packed with DIY stuff and watched by loyal followers not so much one off how to’s.

    Some of the channels I have been subscribed to for a while are getting more and more creative at monetizing their channels. They do stuff like build a bed frame and put a bed on it they got from a sponsor who sells beds over the Internet or some similar product placement. They give out discounts that help track buyers sources.

    Others go out to some vacant land and build a rocking efficient, cheap tiny house and teach you how along the way.

    None of them ever say where they got their land.

    Today I made some of my favorite ones a simple offer they can take to the bank. I offered them land, and a discount for anybody they send my way as well as a cut of the land those people might buy off of me and a gift of land to be given away at random to someone who subscribes to my mailings just for subscribing.

    Hopefully at least one of them will take me up on it. They can sell the land or have me sell it or better yet use it to build on and make lots of great videos talking up the land and tell viewers where they can go to get their own land at a discount just for watching their channel. The video makers could make some money if they can send me buyers.

    Please shoot some holes in this idea. It might be too late but I could learn before I make more offers like this.

    Got any other ideas to build a rocking buyers list quick and keep it growing with fresh leads over time?

    Giving out land could be cheaper than paying for lots of ebay auctions.

    We go to the source for land right, why not do the same for buyers?

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  • NY Steve
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    Hi Luke:

    Here’s a direct mail technique used by some to find cash buyers. Basically, you’re looking up recent sales in an area and finding out who the buyers are on those deals. You’ll have to play around with the parameters a bit to see if you can customize it to find land buyers specifically. These tutorials use Perhaps the Corelogic interface offers more options as well.

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