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    Kyria Baker
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    Rejection Letter

    This has to be one for the record books! TEN PAGES of this.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Beautiful! The three I got today are nothing compared to that. Is that 10 pages and no profanity? Where is the fun in that?

    Today I have been told that I am Crazy, that I am a Crook, and that I am Stupid. I call that OFFER PRICING CONFIRMATION.

    S. Jack Butala
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    Kyria, I don’t know why I get such a kick out of this type of correspondence.

    On this topic, here’s what happened to me this week (regarding properties in Texas); I posted a video on Youtube a long time ago about 2 40 properties in Jeff Davis County we had for sale *Properties sold almost immediately for 4x what we paid.)

    For some reason that video still ranks in the top five overall views over all our other videos on that channel.

    People from Texas have called me every name in the book after watching it. Not sure if its owner envy (jealousy) or an outsider buying their land or the “evil yuppie from Scottsdale, issue,” or what.

    Every week, I have to go in there and delete comments and I laugh out loud while I’m doing it.

    I know nothing about Texas land over Arizona, California or Michigan. I just know that when it comes back cheap enough, I buy it and resell it (usually to local people who thank me). Probably a similar experience to most of us here.

    Similarly, Jill and I were out to dinner in Scottsdale recently with really good friends (life long friends 20+ years older than us and retired from world class careers in government contracting and healthcare). We were there to close on House Academy properties. They were asking us about the process so I explained it as I do on the podcast everyday to tens of thousands of listeners.

    They were appalled at our approach, convinced we were taking advantage of their situation when in reality, the sellers never stopped thanking us throughout the entire process (and the houses sold to renovators who never stopped thanking us and begged us for more property).

    I love this type of Haight and will never truly understand its source!

    Trevor Probandt
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    It is because you are a yankee/yuppie to west Texas folks. If you won’t drive a big ford and dip Copenhagen you aren’t welcome in Jeff Davis county. ha ha ha ha


    That is a lot of time spent on a letter, but at least they used lots of spacing. ha ha ha

    Kyria Baker
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    It was quite difficult to decipher, as you might guess. He very painstakingly explained that he bought it 27 years ago and predicted that it would take about 30 years for Branson, MO attractions to reach his land and cause a huge land boom. Almost there! He took the slow road; we’re taking the fast road!

    “So if you think that because our land is in Arkansas and we live in New York and don’t know what’s going on out there well forgive me but your crazy.”
    “It’s people like you and companies like you that want to buy good properties from people out of state by making dopes of them.”

    And then he ends with, “So please get back to me on what our land is really worth then we can talk.”

    So no profanity per se. LOL I did get a phone call from New York today (different guy), so I got to hear how crazy we are in that distinct accent. So fun!

    Marilyn Sevigny
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    Like Keith said it’s pricing confirmation. Give me haight anyday. The last month I’ve been dealing with overpricing a mailer. The data I received had properties listed as two acres that were actually only two lots. Each lot was about 6000 sq feet, way under the half acre minimum build limit. In a mailer of about 300 I’ve received over 50 accepted offers (and the deadline isn’t for another 7 days). OMG!!!! It’s been a nightmare. On the positive side of things it’s given me a really good idea of what type of processes I will need to scale the business. Thanks for sharing your haight!

    Kevin Farrell
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    Marilyn – Overpricing is the worst headache.

    Kyria Baker
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    We overpriced our last mailer to Tennessee. I sure got tired of eating humble pie, but we still managed to make some good deals there.

    Anwar Montgomery
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    that’s hysterical. I don’t know if I’d consider that 10 pages though. It could have been condensed to 3 if he didn’t write like a first grader.

    Darald (@AggieLand)
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    @kyria that is too funny, thanks for sharing!

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    I have definitely found there is a pattern following a good sized mailing.
    The “haight” always seems to come first for some reason. My guess is that these are the people with the most time on their hands.
    Whenever I am starting out in a new county and I get that first wave of haight, I still cringe a bit, wondering if I mis-priced. But then, like clockwork, the haight is followed by love… in the form of accepted offers and happy, even grateful sellers.
    Whenever I do a large mailing, I always let my “buying” phone number calls go to voicemail for at least a week or so. This way I do not waste time with the haters and I also have some great voicemail messages to entertain my friends with.

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