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    Dustin Rudolph
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    Hi Steven and Jill! Our membership to Real Quest Pro through Land Academy offers us an enormous amount of helpful data when pulling lists. Thank you by the way for this! When pulling a list under Custom Search we always pick ‘Property Detail’ on the left hand side under ‘Report Selection’. I’ve noticed there is also another selection under ‘Report Selection’ called ‘Homeowner Association’. I personally would love to have HOA/POA data available when downloading my lists. I prefer not to buy rural vacant land located in HOA/POAs. Currently, the only way to figure the HOA status with each property is to see if there is a Subdivision listed when we download the list and then Google it in hopes of finding a webpage or some other web resource indicating it is an HOA. Or we can ask the seller or county assessor or recorder. But all of this takes a lot of time and phone calls. If Real Quest Pro has this data then is it possible for them to include it with our membership? This way we can easily scrub it out. Or do you have a quick and easy way to find HOA/POA info on properties outside of this route? Thank you! Dustin

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