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    Luke Smith
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    Have made a couple offers over time. Now sellers call back and they give me some data but not all I used to be better at filling in the gaps. The more data I have to sort through the harder it is getting. I figured it is time to get all my data into one database I can keep adding on to. One that is fast and easy to search and online so my team can access it. Want to just go on upworks and have someone solve it for me. Not exactly sure what to ask for or if you guys have a better solution before I pay to get it solved?

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  • bwaldon4
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    I use pipedrive. Once I send a mailer I upload the excel file to Pipedrive and now all the people that were mailed are searchable contacts. Takes me 2 minutes. I switched my CRM from Zoho because I like the visual format of Pipedrive so much. It helps you manage multiple deals at once.

    When someone calls me I ask for the reference number or name and pull up their contact. I then turn it into a deal and I have all the county data: name, APN, initial offer, GPS coordinates, mailing address, zoning, etc. already in the system.

    Jake Robinson
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    bwaldon4 – okay, you sent me down the rabbit hole! been watching all types of P ipedrive youtube vids so I believe I have a decent handle on this awesome product…

    I wonder if you could answer a few questions?

    Since mailers tend to be high quantities – do you create a different pipeline for each mailer? or do you just merge all your mailers into one giant pipeline? (or maybe it doesn’t matter?)

    Can you give an example of how you set up a pipeline for our business model – what are the steps in your pipeline?

    Have you learned any hacks for Pipedrive that we can use to help us in our business model? (have you figured out any automation or ideas to lean out your daily activity steps?)

    Thanks in advance!

    Kevin Farrell
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    Jake – We all suffer from the quantity of data after a short time in this business. I used to scramble around to find the right spreadsheet with the callers ref# so I could respond intelligently. I found a simple solution. I copy each new mailer spreadsheet data in to one big honking spreadsheet on my Google Drive. Since I use an answering service I have the reference number. I click on edit and use the Find and Replace function where I type in the ref#. It finds that unique item immediately and I have all the data in that record at my fingertips. Of course, I do all of this prior to calling the seller.

    I am not knocking nice tools like Pipeline. Just offering an alternative.

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    Jake Robinson
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    Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for that idea… sounds reasonable…I’m test driving Pipedrive right now just to see if it lives up to what it says on the tin…

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