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    I’m looking to send out my first mailer, but i’m getting concerned because most of the properties in my criteria listed on Zillow have been on the market for longer then 250 days. Should I let that stop me from sending out a mailer to this county?

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    Hey guys, have any of you tried using this really interesting software, called Serfy.io
    It is a client management software

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    I finally bought the program and in chapter 3, you advise us to use taxsalelists.com to see how many back-tax properties are available in the county. The website has changed since the video, and they now charge. Should we still be using that website, and if not, is there an alternative source you recommend? Thanks.

    Kevin Farrell
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    Marcus – Welcome to the LandInvestors Forum! Good question and I had the same question when I started. Shortly after Jack released the training video, taxsalelists.com sold to another company. They changed the site and now charge for everything. Jack used to be able to get the counts for free. I have never used that data from any source to select a county. Most of us don’t use any tax data. It was a nice piece of info when it was free, but you don’t really need it.

    Follow all the other advice: Lots of vacant properties (5 acres is recommended) with few other land investors selling in the same county. Stay with properties that are within one hour of a major metro area and you will do great.

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