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    Steven Holbrook
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    Over the last couple months I have been contacted by almost 10 people, buyers and sellers, saying that when they tried calling Pat Live they received a message that the number was no longer working. I called Pat Live to discuss this because this issue as it poses a huge problem if potential sellers can’t reach me through calling in. How many of them are motivated enough to use other means of contact? I.E. e-mail, website, etc. How many deals have I potentially missed out on? According to Pat Live; if someone calls in and gets the message that this number is no longer working, they will still have a record that the person/number called. However, when I give them the phone numbers of the sellers and buyers that were motivated enough to contact me through other means they show no record of person or number ever calling. I am currently using a ported in google number, does that make a difference? I am not sure that i can afford to miss out on who knows how many deals. This has the potential to damage my companies image. What other call answering services do you use other than Pat Live.

    thanks for the help.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Steven – you are correct. Almost all contacts will be through a phone call. Check you offer letters and make sure that the phone number is correct in every place that it is written. I could be mistyped in one location and some people are grabbing that number to call.

    Call your Pat Live number and see what happens. If there is a problem with the account you should get the same recorded message. I can not answer your question about the ported Google number but it could be an issue.

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    Steven Holbrook
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    Thank you for the expedient response. I have verified that the phone number listed on the cover letter and purchase agreement match exactly. I have called Pat Live using my personal number several times and have never received the “Not working” message. I get the 5:01 a.m. messages from Pat Live with messages from callers almost every day so i know that it at least works some or most of the time.

    People who called and received the “not working” message that were determined enough to reach me via other means have repeated the number they tried to call back to me and it always matches what is written on our offer letter and purchase agreement.

    I find it suspect that people claim to have called in, received the “not working” message, and pat live has no record of the person calling even though they said that they would even if someone received the not working” message.

    Has anyone experienced this issue before with Pat Live? How did you fix it? did switching to another answering service work?

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    Wow, maybe you will demand damages from them?

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    I understand that you have been facing a concerning issue with the call answering service Pat Live, where potential buyers and sellers have been unable to reach you due to the message that the number is no longer working. This could potentially result in missed deals and damage to your company’s image. Maybe you can see if there were missed calls? Although it would be pointless since many people use disposable phone number and if you call this number, you will not receive an answer. I advise you to find a service that offers services similar to Pat Live as soon as possible.

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