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    Adam Osterbur
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    Hi All,

    So I have sent out 3 mailers so far, about 100 each mailing, the first 2 that I sent out, I followed the program to the letter, offering $500 in my first mailer, yielded 5 total responses, but all 5 were insulted by my offer and would not consider even talking to me further. No problem. Today I just received my first phone call from my second mailer and I got the same result, another mad person on the line. The second mailer I offered $1000, not $500. So I am anticipating the same general responses from my second mailer. So on my 3rd mailer that went out this week, I tweaked the offer letter to an open offer format. So I did not input a offer price but essentially left the field open to try to solicit an offer price from them. Just thought I would throw this out to the group and see what you all think, or if any of you have any advice or experience doing something different. I will post about the response I get from the open offer letter format mailer. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Luke Smith
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    The competitive advantage that Steve figured out and is selling in this program is to make an offer. A dollar figure the seller can say yes to. Then make it freaking easy to say yes and get the money.

    A lady called four times this weekend and every time I missed her call. She keeps calling from a private number saying yes please buy my land. She left different phone numbers each time. They were all bad numbers. Today I finally got her on the phone. She really wants to sell. Turns out the land is in her late husbands name. Taxes are paid up. Her daughters don’t want it. She lives with her doughter’s hence all the different phone numbers and calls, they trade her around. It will cost me just over $600 to get the land properly transfered from her late husband’s name into my company. I told her it would probably cost more then the land is worth but I would check into it.

    She said I can have the land if I want it and can figure out how to transfer it. She is happy someone wants it and she does not want to leave any bother to her daughters.

    Just trying to say sometimes you gotta pick up your skirt and put it on the table.

    You don’t know what people are going to say until you ask them.

    Ariel Muller
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    @Luke Smith That makes sense and it seems to be working for you which is motivating.
    So if motivated sellers are the key, should the mailing be sent to tax delinquent properties only?
    I know Seth Williams talks about this but i havent seen that being stressed here (maybe i missed that)
    Thanks for clarifying

    larry brixton
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    Are you sending out postcards as well? What type of mailing service and its name are you using? I am kinda curious about this kind of service, I wanted to learn more about them before pursuing the use of them. I am eyeing on some direct mailing service using this, has anyone with that experience?


    kris rogerton
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    They also have several mediums for print marketing.

    justin ford
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    Maybe, try to use a more convincing offer and discussion. Those are actually ignored your offers, means not interested at all, some of them are actually having a second though while the rest are totally no interest. Send them out a unique and catchy postcard instead, if you want a competitive and reliable postcard with impressive print, you should check and consider this

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