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    Daniel Browne
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    So as you might have noticed I have not been with this group long enough to even post a profile or any information about myself. However I have been listening and reading trying to learn and understand all that I can. I have made it to chapter 5 in the videos of the program making notes and trying to get organized and develop a system. While looking through the site here I noticed a post about having leads sent to you. Well I reached out to him and he started emailing me leads that he had, I thought it might help me get an idea of what others were doing and provide me more information. Then here is where it gets interesting. I found a property here in Texas and in some impulsive moves from my fingers I emailed him an offer. He replied with a counter but I think our numbers are close enough that we can find a happy medium or I might just stick to my original number and see if he just takes it. Anyway my question is what now? Do I just draw up a purchase agreement, pay him and he gives me the deed? Do I need a title company? Surely not! I printed a purchase agreement off of the BP site but I would think the land academy site has them but I am not sure where to look yet. I know this is rookie stuff so forgive me but it is also awesome. Thanks Daniel

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Daniel – Nice find! Since you are not even halfway through the training I recommend the following:

    1. Find another Land Academy member who is familiar with the county where this property is located. Tell them you need a mentor and explain the situation.
    2. Partner with them and agree to split the profits from the future sale 50/50.
    3. As part of the deal, have them share with you, step by step, what they do to close this deal in that county.

    This way you can get a mentor who can also help you with some inside knowledge about pricing and land value. Win-Win.

    Next: post the name of the county and ask for help.

    Good luck.

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    Daniel Browne
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    Thank you Kevin. That is a good idea. The property is in Henderson county Texas

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