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    Neil H
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    I’m closing on a parcel early next week, so I’m in the process of prepping my ads, buyers list blast, and neighbor letters so I can click ‘send’ as soon as it’s recorded. My question for experienced land flippers is: Do you commonly offer a steeper discount (say, $500 off) to your buyers list and neighbors to sell it super fast? Or do you test your listing price to see if it gets a quick response?

    Also, do you commonly reach out to the adjacent neighbors first, or do you just blast it out all at once for the biggest immediate reach? (Obviously, the latter makes more sense, but I’m just curious if people approach neighbors first, especially if they may have the most to gain from the sale and would likely have greater interest.)

    Any tips based on your experience is appreciated.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Neil – I have done successful neighbor letters both ways – with discount and without. If I give them a discount and mention that I am listing it for sale at a higher price, then I lose some negotiating room. They all seem to want to negotiate. Plus, it is confusing when buyers call about the property if I have offered different prices to different people.

    I would mail to everyone at one time and get the advertising set up. First person to call wins.

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    Neil H
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    Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your experience with neighbor letters.

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