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    Shane & Chris
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    My two year old and I practice “Red means STOP, Green means GO!” in the car all the time.(shane)
    We like to keep things simple and easy for my simple mind to understand. We are trying to get a system down for our first and future mailers that make research in counties as easy as Jack describes in the LA 2.0 series.
    Here is what we know from Jack and Jill
    Shopping Land – Bullet Points (Open to input if you disagree)
    1) Geography Test – Look at Census Information / County Maps
    Target areas that are ‘More Green’ / Less Populated
    2) Tax Test – Look at Tax Sale Lists )
    Find out how many tax-defaulted properties in the county that passes Step 1
    More properties = Better. But ensure, that county is not densely populated.
    3) Value Test – Find out how much the property is worth @ LandWatch / Others
    Filter by County – Sort by Low to High – Filter by Acreage
    Search for the properties & price based on the yield you are looking for.
    Land Academy Results:
    1-5% of all mail sent results in a purchase
    Up to 25% by sending only back-tax mailers.

    SO…. In your data spreadsheet, less populated=more green. More back taxes=more green. and (little help here please) the more properties that meet your desired land search for say 4-6 acres in a county= more green?
    QUESTION, Has 2015 LA 1.0 Grown into a newer, better, faster, easier way to shop land? My lil experience is telling me, Rural doesn’t have to be AS rural anymore, just raise your offer % as you get closer to the big city, and back taxes are only a 5 on the 10 scale of importance when sending mail (thanks Jack) but make DARN sure when your buying, and Pricing to be honest is harder than expected to tell where LA members end and the actual going rate from realtors and such begin.

    I’ll admit I’m Green at land Academy (new member) and I know the power of this group is greater than anything Chris and I could come up with so let’s talk about how y’all might turn your research data into a stop light..

    I’d also love to hear about any other R,Y,G style data organizing that can help getting quality mailers out like a machine! Thanks in advance.
    Ready? Green means GO!

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  • Jake Robinson
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    Were you on the call yesterday (Jan 10, 2019) – there was someone on the call – can’t remember their name but brought this up as a point and Jack talked about it and thought it was a great idea. However, I am a beginner also, but since was sold and revamped their site and now is a paid membership site – I asked the question do we need to go ahead pay and use it – Jack said n o… he also said it’s not really that relevant UNLESS the info is easily obtained and it can just give you confirmation where you are mailing – it’s a bonus. I have a
    feeling as he is now in the middle of UPDATING 1.0 he may just remove that module or give some other tips on this issue.

    Maybe add “attribute” as one of the RYG variables If you missed the call go and listen tothe archived version…

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