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    Ann-Marie Ramsey
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    I am working my way through the course and also listening to the podcasts while driving. I have a mailer question. I think I have understood to send a tri-county area a 1500 volume of mailers, with 500 to each of the three. Then today, the PP podcast was about getting really knowledgeable with one county and how to price. Should I interpret this to mean send out my first batch to the one county with 1500 going to the one county or drill down on two nearby counties and go with 500 to each of those? Thank you!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Ann-Marie – Good question. It will be easiest for you to begin with one county that has 1200 to 1500 records. That will make your research and pricing a lot easier on the first few mailers that you send out. It is also easier to handle the incoming calls because there aren’t as many different areas to be familiar with. You can do multi county mailers when there are not enough records in one county to add up to 1500. You can also do three separate county mailers of 500 each if you want to. Good luck.

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