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    Hi folks,

    say I want to setup an llc before I start, this has multiple reasons, I’m determined to get into this business.
    So being a non resedident I really want to have my llc in place first.

    One Question is for sure in which state to found? From what I’ve read so far Arizona, and Nevada are good ones, but why?

    I also read that you have to register a forein llc for every state you are doing business with, or another recommendation I got was “just do an llc in the state you want to work with”. But if I am targeting multiple states, does this mean that I have to found or register a forein llc in every state???

    Maybe someone can clarify this a little, since this is for me a little bit of a blocker,

    thanks a lot Greg

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    I mean, How do you handle this? So do you put all in your own name, or do you have multiple llcs?

    Kevin Farrell
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    Greg – I am not an expert but I can say that most of the people that I know who are doing this land business have one LLC. Pick the state and create your LLC. I started out as many of us do by purchasing the first few properties in my own name. As I gained momentum I created the LLC for the business. I think your case is a little different and You may need the LLC up front. You may also need a rep in the US but I am not sure about that.


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