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    So Adam says this: “From the time I was a young man, I have been always fascinated with real estate but I never had actually done a profitable flip until I got involved with investing in land. I purchased the Land Profit Generator program and like many people, it sat on my shelf gathering dust until in late 2012 I decided to intensively study it and take action. In January of 2013, after purchasing and studying the Land Profit Generator program, I sent out my first mailing and that was the beginning of my adventure in land. I continued to research different areas and send out different mailings for many months until I finally, nine months later, did my first profitable flip netting me $1,000. A few years later I purchased the Land Academy program and learning this approach and many others have enabled me to continue to expand my land investing business. Since that time, I have flipped over 60 properties, making many tens of thousands of dollars. Highlights of my career include buying a 40-acre property in Colorado with paved road access for $300 and selling for $10,000 for fast cash. Buying a property for $4k and selling for 12k. Buying 10 5 acre properties for about $750 each and then turning around and selling just two of these properties for $10k. Recently I did a deal in which I sold a property for $1200 which I originally purchased for less than $100 and also buying 240 acres in Texas for $600. I went from buying and flipping one or two properties at a time to where I am now, with over 80 properties in stock and regularly making deals.

    I have a very unique perspective in that I came to this field with no previous real estate success, no house, no 401k, and very heavy debts. If you are coming to this niche with massive resources, it is one thing, but what I have specialized in, out of necessity, is how to close deals and close deals quickly and make money where and how I can.

    I have come so far and yet still have so far to go and so much to learn from Jill DeWitt, Jack Butala, you, Adam Southey, Justin Sliva and the other major forces of land flipping. I look forward to taking things into the next level this year.

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