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    Leslie Grant
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    Hi Everyone,

    I started listening to the Land Academy podcast years ago and recently found myself listening to the new episodes.

    I am interested in becoming a land investor and this seems to be an excellent way to do it. I am holding off becoming pro to give myself a bit more time to really explore the member website (well, the parts that I have access to) and to make sure I have the funds in place BEFORE signing up to do mailers and acquire properties for the initial 12 months once I do sign up.

    I am specifically interested in land in New England. I have lived all over the US and this is my favorite area of the country and I want to feel connected to what I am doing and be able to visit at least some of the acquisitions so I am looking into focusing in New England.

    I am also interested in getting at least some of the land I acquire into the hands of those that will care for it in an environmentally protective way and, if necessary, to rehabilitate damaged lands.

    I don’t yet know much about land acquisition so I don’t even know if this is possible or if I will be able to make money if I want to sell lands in this way, but it is an important core value of mine and I hope to be able to figure out a way to do it AND to make good money from this business.

    Thank you for reading. I am excited to be here.

    Best Wishes,


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