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    Hi everyone. I’m a budding land investor with a real estate background.

    I used to build houses as a GC for a small building company until the big crash in ’08. Was never part of the land acquisition side of the deal. I came across LandAcademy trying to fill that knowledge gap – hoping I could get back into the building game.

    These days I sell a handful of houses a year as a real estate agent, and self-manage a few rental properties.

    So far my plan is to focus on infill lots in the $60k-$120k range. Flip some, build some. I’ve id’d a few good markets. Just working on putting that first mailer together. Not sure why, getting mail out the door is the biggest mental hurdle.

    It’s like every silly roadblock creeps into your mind. Am I pricing it too low? Too high? What if I only get angry responses? What if I get too many good responses and don’t have enough $$ to buy?! Temporary hangups. Just put one foot in front of the other…and GO! Should have first queued up and ready to go in the next couple days (if not today).

    Good luck out there!

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    Welcome Jared!

    Your background will help a lot with infill lots. You’re getting a good running start.

    Almost everyone has the same worries about their first mailer. Here are some answers based on my experience.

    Q: Am I pricing it too low/too high?
    A: Yes. Maybe. No. The reality is that you’re looking for people that don’t care about price. These are people who A.) want ANY offer so they can get rid of the land, often because of financial need; or B.) like having a willing buyer (you) come to them, asking to buy their unwanted/extra/unused land with zero effort on the seller’s part. The A’s don’t care what the price is. With the B’s, your offer gets them off the couch, so to speak. It’s a trigger that makes them think about selling. The B’s will want more money and you’ll have to do some due diligence to see if you want their land and at what price. The offer is the starting point. It is never perfect and you get the final say.

    Q: What if I get only angry responses?
    A: You won’t get only angry responses. They trail off after the first week, but the fact that you get them is proof that this method works exactly as described. Yes, you will have some uncomfortable calls. We all do, and you get used to them. There’s lots of info in the training and Podcasts that help you manage these calls.

    Q: What if I get too many acceptances?
    A: Accepted offers from pricing too high doesn’t make you obligated to buy the land. You can turn down accepted offers in favor of better land or negotiate a lower price. Again, the training and Podcasts will teach you when and how to do this.

    Q: What if I don’t have enough money to buy?
    A: There’s an organized group here on Land Investors where you submit your deals for funding. See for details. There’s a short video explaining how it works as well as sample forms. You can see the deals that have been submitted and funded. Deals put on Landtank tend to get funded within minutes. There are other funders in the Land Investors community that will fund your deal too. You never need to worry about not having enough money to do a good deal.

    As Nike says, “just do it.” Even totally messed up mailers get deals as long as you have a working phone number and answer the calls (avoid voice mail if you can help it).

    Good luck and keep us posted on how this mailer goes.


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