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    Hi Everybody, just wanted to pass along a free software or tool that is working good for me to bookmark all of my new frequently visited sites for land investing.

    SYMBALOO is a free visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple to organize your frequently visited websites. You set it as the homepage of your browser and then you can create tabs, for example a tab with the name of whatever county you have chosen to work in and then you can bookmark the parcel search link, the treasurer link, the County recorder link, the recorded documents link, ok you probably get the idea. I really like Symbaloo because your bookmarks aren’t hidden and buried in a folder somewhere. Symbaloo is visual and each bookmark is like a 1 inch by 1 inch square tile that you click on and there are up to 60 tiles or bookmarks that fit on a single page. It is also handy that you can create tabs with different names to separate or categorize frequently used sites by what function or area of your business they fit into. I am a visual person so this has worked out well for me, give it a spin and share your feedback.

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    @travis I think you will show us a lot of tools to use. How about the owner finance site you were telling me about? I don’t dare look up the old school one the program suggest. DOS screens or ones that look like them scare me.

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