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    Aroldo Villarreal
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    I bought a property & have possible buyers interested who have driven out there to try to find it, but they’re having the hardest time. It’s off a dirt road, no phone service/data. I have coordinates, gave a google earth pro video tour/directions, but it’s hard for them to find it.

    I have not been out there myself. I’ve skip-traced the neighbors & they gave me directions, which were how I made the video.

    But for future reference, how do you help buyers find properties when there’s no cell phone reception, addresses, etc?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Aroldo – Congrats on getting some property to sell! The short answer to your question is you will need the right buyer. Some buyers are not up to finding property like this. Others will desire the property for the same reason – no one will find them. Just keep trying.

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