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    Chuck Stagliano
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    Greetings. On a recent podcast, Steve discussed the comparison of the number of properties on the market in an area, such as zip code, or even the entire county, to the number of sales in the same area. He didn’t specify the time period for sales, so I assume that six months would make sense. Is the recommendation to look for at lease a one to one ratio of sales in six months to current listings? Sure, there are other indicators of desirability, but this seems like a good first filtering step. Thanks.

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  • John Pitkin
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    I had the same question about what time period to use for recent sales. I did not find an answer, but I decided to use 90 days. I think 6 months is also reasonable. Either number should work as long as you are consistent, the idea is to make a comparison between different counties/areas.

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