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    Joey Chavez
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    I called zoning & planning, the county clerk, and mapping for the county and they said the property should have easement. They also said it is on the warranty deed. But they do not have a plat map to confirm it. And they said I would have to do a title search to find out if it does have easement or have the property surveyed. Has anyone been through a situation like this?

    Here are the exact words on the deed:
    “Reserving, however, an appurtenant easement over the North, East, South and West 25.0 feet of said property unto Grantor, and all persons claiming under it, and unto the general public for
    roads purposes, and reserving said easement unto Grantor and all persons claiming under it, for the placement, maintenance, and operation of public utilities, with rights of ingress and egress; and subject to restrictions, reservations and easements of record.”

    **I attached a screenshot of the property touching the road.

    Thanks Joey

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  • Rod Hall
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    Sounds like an easement to me. Sometimes the deed spells out the location of the plat by book and page of Surveys. If so, there is a plat.

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