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    E. A.
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    Does it make sense to mail a property that is owned by a person who resides on an adjoining parcel of land? In other words, are homeowners willing to sell separately-parceled side yards and contiguous vacant land that they own, or is it only an infrequent occurrence? The reason I ask is because across many different counties, roughly 20-35% of the property records I download seem to be this type of parcel.

    I understand we shouldn’t care too much about mailer efficiency, but if these properties are significantly less likely to result in a deal, it probably wouldn’t make sense to mail them. It’s pretty easy to use geocoding to get the coordinates of each given mailing address and calculate the distance to the given coordinates of the situs property location. If deals on these kind of properties don’t really happen, I’m inclined to scrub out properties with mailing addresses within, say, 1,000 to 2,000 feet of situs location. Or do deals regularly happen on these kind of parcels?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    E.A. I think you over estimate the frequency of this occurrence. I would just send the mail. You or I can not ever guess what a person will decide to do with that offer.

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    Michael Aillon
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    I agree with your thinking. I think folks are very unlikely to sell their yard/side yard. I remove the majority of these parcels by doing a simple check with an Excel formula. Check for “is Situs_address IN Mailing address”? Where true, delete. Hope that helps.

    Mike Brusca
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    I’ve definitely had many people send me back signed PAs back for this type of property.

    Have I moved forward with any of them? I don’t think so.

    However – I’ve had many people with land down the street from their house sell to me and those deals have worked out well.

    I wouldn’t waste your time trying to save your money and time filtering this out. You never know what can happen.

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