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    Luke Smith
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    Was looking for a generic Grant, Bargin, Sale Deed for Nevada or for other states that could be used in Nevada.

    There is one here for $25

    By looking at the old one I can type up a new one but keep thinking that we should trade blank deeds. If anyone reading this has a good deed template for some area or type I might use some day and would like a California Grant Deed or California Quitclaim Deed with the new 2015 Notary requirements or a Nevada Grant, Bargin, Sale Deed please let me know.

    What deeds do you guys have? Lets trade, you never know when you will need it.

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  • Luke Smith
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    Found some more legal forms in a public law library.
    California forms
    Grant Deed
    Quitclaim Deed
    Affidavit of different kinds and others

    Link here

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    I got this website from a one of my Facebook groups. It is Looks cool it has instructions that come with the deeds. It costs some money but we could all pick a county and make a database of deeds and instruction here.

    Let me know if you all have interest in doing something like that. I can create a Dropbox file for them by state and then county.

    Brian Moore
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    I’m open to add a deed or two to the files, please let me know which might help.

    Jake Robinson
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    I’m new but am scouring the boards here to learn. I wonder if Steve might do another famous website – a site like a wiki – divded into states where we could upload sample paperwork, deeds, quit claim deeds etc. So it would/could be a growing resource we can all use… Maybe make a suggestion to Jill & Steve?

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