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    Ben Crapo
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    I am starting to get overloaded with my list of “Don’t ever contact me again” people. Not a bad problem to have since I am getting some acceptances as well. Question, what is the best way to organize my “do not contact” list. Is this list even worth creating? What is the most efficient way to overlay this list against future mailers? I do not see a viable way of keeping an ever-growing list like this. Let me know if there is a more simple way of handling this.

    Thank you,

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  • Luke Smith
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    I use Jira. Keep all my mailers in there. Someone calls I look them up by name or apn or reference number or whatever I got on them.

    When they flip me the bird I add them to my do not mail list.

    Next mailer in that area I pull a list of the do not mail and the rejects(they said yes and I said no). I drop that into my spreadsheet where I have a vlookup verifier to see if my new mail lines up to the do not mail list. Then sort them out.

    If you are not mailing the area a couple times what’s the point? If you are doing some serious volume it starts to matter a little more.
    I care more about not mailing myself and people I just sold land to more than the middle finger people.

    I’m considering targeting the middle finger people with a couple different names and prices. Stupid low from John, Low from Sally and a little over low from Luke Smith all mailed in the same week.

    See if they still complain or some go for the little over low and give me a call.

    I see other land dealers doing multiple mailers in the same area using the same letter from different names. Wonky different prices. I have so much land out there I see a lot of offers come in like that.

    In the mean time i’ll just send more normal letters and get so many deals I never have time to try it.

    Ben Crapo
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    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

    Jeff Schaefer
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    Just to offer another point of view that might work depending on your setup. I keep all of my offers in a database and have a program that puts the offers together. Whenever it builds offers it makes sure that it never sends mail to someone who has gotten an offer before. In other words, I don’t even bother to record declines, I will already never send them mail again. (I filter by the combination of mailing address 1, address 2, city, and state – works for 99% of owners) Also, just like Luke, I am much more scared of sending an offer to someone who has been on my list of buyers or potential buyers so I filter them out too.

    John Pitkin
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    Ben, yes I think it is worthwhile to keep track of undesirable properties and properties that have uncooperative owners, especially because I tend to re-mail the same areas about once a year. I have a database of properties where I can keep track of this. Next time I generate offers, these properties are excluded.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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