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    I have run into an concern with a few buyers recently. They are hesitant of buying a property from me due to the possibility that it may be a scam. The properties I am currently selling are sub $5000, so I’m selling with credit card processing on my site with a notary close. I have a clean and professional looking website. On the phone I am polite and answer questions in a knowledgeable manner. Any thoughts on how to step up my legitimacy game?

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  • Leonard Sheil
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    Hi Austin,
    I would say to the buyers you have no problem whatsoever closing through title if they wish to pay for it.
    You can also explain to them that you sell land all over the internet on various websites ( eg. Rural vacant land, Landwatch etc) working to build a brand, if you had many chargebacks this would not work. Instead you have many happy buyers and ultimately its the customers choice if they want title or not.

    Alternatively you can ask for a cashiers cheque upon receipt of deed & hire a notary locally to deliver this deed for you. Collect a deposit to cover this cost for you.

    Hope this helps,

    Michael Aillon
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    I would push them to close via a title company. Push hard for this. This will greatly increase their confidence you are legit. In the end, if it’s about saving money, they will close with a notary.

    Rod Hall
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    When I have someone who is just wary I will listen and explain as above in a conservation manner. I’ve had buyers and sellers say something like well I just don’t want to be scammed usually after a short silence. It’s easy to agree at that point and chuckle a little. Then I continue to explain how it works. So I just go easy. But I don’t let anyone accuse me of being a scammer. Thank you. Hanging up now.

    Thomas Robbins
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    My first deal (which is in the works), I almost lost because the seller suspected me of being a scammer after explaining the notary close. I salvaged it by telling her I would buy the property through a title company of HER choosing. This totally eliminated any suspicion. I will sacrifice some profit, but it’s OK. It’s still profitable. I’ve learned valuable info from the title agents too, and it makes it totally stress free for me.

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