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    I am getting conflicting answers as to who must sign the affidavit of PV for Mohave Co, AZ.
    An experienced land investor friend says the ‘owner’ and ‘buyer’ can both be signed by me after I have purchased; and then it can be notarized.
    The original seller did send me a filled out A of PV but didn’t sign the bottom, so I am thinking
    this is true.
    Anyone know for sure?

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  • Rod Hall
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    I’ve signed as agent befor just cross out buyer or seller. Makes me nervous thoough. Don’t like delays. FYI recorder called me to add date nxt tax due. That’s new. I never had to do that before

    Michael Aillon
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    I spoke with someone at the county about this…

    When you are the seller, you fill out the first section on the left and circle “seller”. Then on the right side circle “agent” and fill in your information again. You acting as both the seller and the agent for the buyer. No worries. you do not have to be an RE agent. You are acting as agent for the buyer. Its OK to use the same notary for both parts. They just need to fill in both parts and stamp it twice (one in each section).

    John Pitkin
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    I’ve tried to sign both sides but the notary didn’t cooperate.

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