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    So I have been thinking of a short and concise domain name for the website I will be creating shortly. The website will be used to collect potential buyer’s info and list properties for sale. I was thinking of and and decided to buy those two. However, now I am having some second thoughts. They were pretty cheap so I’m not worried if I have to scrap and discard them if I come up with something better.

    When I think of a “clerk” two things come to mind. First, someone who organizes and does a lot of the back end office duties that keeps a business rolling. Second, the person standing at the check out counter who facilitates the sale of a purchase. With those images in mind, I felt like The Land Clerk was perfect. Now, I’m having some second thoughts and I’m not entirely sure why.

    I would appreciate some honest feedback on the matter. Do you think this would be a good name and brand to build? I feel like it could be but would like to hear from some others.

    Thanks a ton!

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    I think you could do better. It’s a short, memorable name but I don’t think it conveys your intent very well.

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