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    My name is Jason, I’m new to this program and in the middle of my first mailer and purchases. I’m self employed already but looking to move more in this direction versus the labor intensive e-commerce business I currently run.
    I see the potential and working toward them but also have a great deal of concerns (mostly the unknowns) around this and look to learn and share as much knowledge as possible with you. So please reach out with questions, share your info and lets be successful together.

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    Cool. BTW that’s a great title to a post. You could build an interesting ad around that with a little imagination.About the unknowns, about 8 or 9 months into this biz I was feeling overwhelmed and just sat down and made a list of the things I could do that I could before I started. Really was an eye opener and helped me get out of a funk. I had learned lots. Now you probably don’t have the e challenge I did but that was and continues to be my biggest frustration and time-suck. All the biz part is in the training and sharing, and of course all the things available with a google search. –best

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