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Top 10 Land Owners who should be on your “A-List.”

Our measly 15,000 +/- acres pale in comparison to what these guys own, but still makes me proud: By the early in the 2,000s I owned more than 15,000 acres free and clear and it all started with one single 80-acre acquisition in Northern Arizona. After converting nearly all the land to cash, parcel by

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4 Imperative Steps Real Estate Success (If you are Starting Out)

4 Imperative Steps Real Estate Success (If you are Starting Out) You are Not Alone in Your Real Estate Ambition. Every single person in real estate completed their first deal with huge trepidation. Over the years, I’ve asked many real estate pros about their 1st deal experience. More than half go into great detail about

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You Just Inherited Some Land. Now What?

What to do with Land? Call LandStay or Land Academy. This is a topic that I deal with every day. Why? Because a number of parcels we acquire come to us through sellers that inherited property. Some sellers know of the “family property” coming their way and others have no idea and

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