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    Getting a few people asking my website where I am selling the land. Once they see how much being sold for they want more for their property. How do I handle?

    • OMG! I fear this too! I have seen some sites where the investor has a combo buy and sell site. I don’t think I can allow the seller to see how much I’m selling their property for. But, honestly it’s our job as investors, or any investors, to buy low and sell high, right. So, we shouldn’t feel too guilty right? As Steven said, “there is no place for emotions in Real Estate”. To get to your question, I’d be honest. Jill always says that. All parties agreed on a price. And as an investor, you’re in the business of flipping land for the price that you think will sell, and sell fast. I know this question sucks, but it helps for all of us to prepare an answer at some point.