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    • I am a newbie and in the middle of marketing my first two properties. I bought one property in Colorado and one of the first questions I got asked was does it come with water rights. Does anyone know how I can verify if my property comes with water rights? Thanks.

      • Hi Todd and welcome to the Forum! When it comes to water rights and mineral rights it can be difficult to verify. You may be able to ask the county if a residential well permit is allowed. I buy and sell the surface rights and do not attempt to verify mineral rights or water rights. It takes too much time and can be expensive to search all the deeds to that property all they way back to the beginning of time looking for that information. Sell it cheap and let the buyer figure it out.

        • Kevin,
          Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I won’t worry about the water rights. The deed did mention that a 1/2 share of the mineral rights were reserved. The escrow company gave me a copy of that document. Someone in Texas bought those rights in 1966 for $10. Do you know of any way that I can use that information to my advantage in the marketing of the property? Thanks again.

          • Todd, If you have information you can share it in your advertisement. If you don’t have info on mineral rights, don’t say anything. I would not mention mineral rights in either case unless someone asked me about it.