• Hey Y’all!!

    So….I have a handshake agreement for my first land sale. WHOOP!

    The buyer is wanting to meet me at the county seat in West-ish Texas and submit the title for recording and hand me a cashier’s check. A bit odd, but the gentleman is older, he’s an immigrant from Nicaragua (first 20 years there, next 40 in the U.S.), and it’s not a…[Read more]

  • Thank you Kevin!

    My offer letter for this property was for $1000, but this is one of those properties that I’d not go over $500 for. It’s out there, and looking at the deed from the last time that it was sold to this owner (the minor), it states that the sale price at that time was just over a grand.

    Due to the negotiation that is required,…[Read more]

  • Howdy Y’all!

    I just received an email from my most recent mailer from a person stating that they are a minor in possession of the parcel.

    I asked a couple questions, and it seems that this person’s father purchased the property and placed it in his name when he was very young.

    Anyone ever dealt with purchasing a property from someone…[Read more]

  • Hey Daniel,

    After having some issues with RealQuest (more than likely a browser issue, or just me being dense), I’ve got my raw data and am starting to scrub. I’ve watched a few videos on how to scrub, along with what come whit the LA kit, and I have to say that your post here has been INCREDIBLY helpful! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time…[Read more]

  • Send me a PM. I have an acquaintance that is currently a remote assistant that has a good deal of free time and is looking for more work to fill the voids during the day.

  • Well, this is rather embarrassing, I didn’t see that I had replies to this post….My sincerest apologies!!

    Chuck, I’m with you….this is a learning curve, and having a buddy along the way to sound off with would be super handy!!

    Mr. and Mrs. Baker, I’m located in Huntsville. A bit south and west of you, I believe.

    Jason….we may have run…[Read more]

  • Greetings!!

    I have been researching the land business for over a year now, and became a paying subscription member in this community about six months ago.

    Bad timing on my part….I did not appreciate how much turmoil was about to come into my life with having just moved and having a baby on the way.

    Baby is 3 months old now, and the big…[Read more]

  • Gerd Conner replied to the topic Got a new address! in the forum +Success Stories+ 3 years ago

    Hey Ryan,

    What service are you using for your box?

    I’m gearing up and need an address! 🙂 I REALLY like the idea of being able to google it first to see where it will appear to be when others google it.


  • I’m interested, and typically can travel….got a new one on the way though, so there is that…..

  • So I know from reading the forums that A LOT of questions revolve around ‘getting started’, but I was not able to find anything answering my particular questions…

    Here is my situation –

    I am going to finance my land business initially with my tax refund…waiting on that to happen, but due to my not changing my information with my employer…[Read more]

  • Howdy Y’All!

    My name is Gerd and I have done a bit of lurking as of late, I really REALLY like the feel of the community here! Everyone has done a great job to make this a working forum, and most everyone seems really nice. Sometimes that is tough to find these days.

    Anyhow, I’m an energy industry professional, been in the business for about…[Read more]

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