• Sabrina posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    Finally processing my first mailer after being in LA for a few months. Although the process seemed overwhelming at first. I took a deep breath and spent a lot of time with Steve rewinding, pausing and executing what I saw in the DVDs’. I still have one kink to work out with excel (can’t figure out the formula to remove duplicate data in the name field-the section of the DVD was too fast to pick up via the DVD). However, I just did it manually this time until I figure it out. Yes, it took awhile. But, I got it done. I’ll update my progress as the deals start flowing. I want to thank Luke for his youtube video for letterprinting.net. It was extremely helpful to complete that part of the process. I still had to call on one thing and I must say the customer service is fantastic. Thanks, Jill and Jack for all the great resources. You guys will hear from me soon as I’m trying to figure it out. Imperfect Action is the path to Money in the Bank!