• Jannette & Robert Jackson posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    WooHoo! Just approved my first two mailers to go out through Offers2Owners. Thanks to @jilldewit & @jackbutala, EVERYONE at the Land Academy Live Event and the best presenters: @joemartin, @luketsmith, @mikemarshall, @mattrogers & @rotortech for your ideas, expertise and confidence boosters and to LA’s AMAZEBALLS staff: @espence, @umarlandinvestors-com, @amyaziz, @abelt, and everyone else, whose names I forgot (ha, ha… I feel like I just got an Oscar) You GUYS ROCK!

    • JSL – Way to go! If you are this excited now, wait until you start getting accepted offers.

    • I’m so excited for you can’t wait to hear the feedback you receive!

    • YAY! And how many properties did you buy?

      • Jill, I have 3 properties in Escrow and I’m about to buy one more, so 4 total! I keep going through the steps, asking a million questions and so far everything is progressing as you and Steven teach. It’s amazing! Now, I really need to prepare for Engineering, Marketing and Selling… Can’t wait to complete this 4 transactions through the full cycle! So grateful for your continued support! Jannette & Robert