• I’ve been using Datatree for several years and I love it. But only today did I found out that they really use google maps for their mapping. I almost didn’t pulled the trigger on a great deal lot because of the county dirt road didn’t go through the lot. And goes completely different way.

    The county GIS showed different toad placement and so di…[Read more]

  • It’s ok to go slow. If you deal in a higher end markets, I would actually strongly recommend to go slow now. It’s easy to overpay for land in more expensive markets now.

    There is also a little boom in land investing bussiness. A little Renaissance.

    I see it ending eventually. Prices will go down. Maybe way down and properties will flood the mar…[Read more]

  • Yes Kyle. I am short term leasing a land in small town in Nevada I bought for $7500 for $75 a month to a lady with Horses only for her horses. I would do it if I were you. I used simple short term lease agreement and release of liability waver form she signed. It states, that she cant live there and it’s only for horses. The only reason I am…[Read more]

  • Milan replied to the topic How to get paid in the forum **Ask A Question** 2 years ago

    Title company on buy and title company on sell side. I don’t do it any other way anymore.

  • Michael, I’ve been doing this for 3 years not very intensively, very part time. I completed about 60 deals all in my name, not LLC. I just recently started thinking about LLC. I would start now and do some deals in your name.

  • Keep it Marcus and keep looking for better one. When it comes sell that one and on and on and on. That’s my strategy in this whole business. Until you have the best property in the area. And on top of it, you made $$$ on the way there.

  • Yes Marcus. I have mine trophy properties too. I sold bunch but a main reason I went into this is to find land for myself. I did and it’s supper cool.

    I love them. Tell us more about your land Marcus.

  • Milan replied to the topic What should I be doing? in the forum **Ask A Question** 2 years ago

    Marcus, that was a website for selling my properties. I had bunch of properties marked SOLD which I sold off course. And it became a target few times. Taking advantage of people, using photos I wasn’t supposed to do (I still deal with law suite here, but this was my fault off course) and few others. Yes web site is important I guess if you’re sel…[Read more]

  • Milan replied to the topic What should I be doing? in the forum **Ask A Question** 2 years ago

    Don’t fiddle with your website. Even better don’t even have a website haha, I know it’s against land academy rules. Do the hard stuff. Get in front of people.

    But in my experience when you look successful on your website, people want part of it. You become target for media, law suits and whatever. I did become that. I took my website down and I…[Read more]

  • Milan replied to the topic What should I be doing? in the forum **Ask A Question** 2 years ago

    Good job Tanner. After I get my mail out, I start calling similar properties on Zillow na landwatch and boldly offer my price in the mailer. I try to talk to agents and owners and how they react. You can get a lot of info about the area and also feel how people react. It gives you little knowledge edge by having to possibly come up with the price…[Read more]

  • It depends what kind of deals you plan to do. If those are the little deals under 5K on buy side and you do a lot of them yes hire a service or maybe not.

    If you do bigger deals on which you make at least 10K do it yourself. I believe sellers have the BS radar high on. And no one want to talk to soulless institution.

    But it all depends how far…[Read more]

  • You will need staying power in economic downturn and more cash you have the better. And you need to have guts to buy more assets (not only land) for cash which are going to be priced very attractively. But only few will recognize it.

    It’s those who sell in times of famine and are not able to hold on to assets that lose. Because the clouds will g…[Read more]

  • Steve, I am in California too. And you bet I am getting some hate for it. And you will too. And I lost deals because of it too most likely. But I also dealt with some very conservative California haters that sold me their land. Many California haters become quite nice people when you offer them cash and they need it. But it doesn’t bother me they…[Read more]

  • Got it. You still dint do anything wrong. I guess you have to make few phone calls to the county and title company and let them deal with it. They have to deal with it. It might take next to forever, but if the guy 1 is right, you should get your initial investment back from the county eventually.

  • I believe you Benjamin, title company and county did everything right. I think the buyer is being harassed by previous owner which property was taken away from by the county. Your buyer might be afraid or scared and would rather get out by you returning him the money. Or he’s creatively trying to get out of this somehow.

    I would stay cool…[Read more]

  • I’m being sued for copyright issues. Yes I was dumm and new at this 3 years ago. I received the letter 2 weeks ago from copyright lawyer. Land I didn’t even sold yet. I used an image from the Internet on my listing. I don’t do it anymore and you guys shouldn’t either. It’s not worth it guys. If your website looks like you’re succeeding and you…[Read more]

  • I agree with Rod and Kevin. It can actually work in your fawor that you don’t have a website and you don’t look like an institution. You’re just an owner of the property that you’re trying to sell for cheap. What’s wrong with that? Nothing at all. If you look like an institution, people know you’re making money on this land. If you look like a…[Read more]

  • It’s 33 acres. Plenty of space for living and dead people. If it’s a slam dunk deal, I would do it. Maybe find out who is buried there and do some research. It can be a famous historical person. That could be an attribute. I agree with Kevin. Sounds interesting!

  • Milan replied to the topic Huge land rabbit hole in the forum **Ask A Question** 2 years ago

    It’s pretty simple Tim. And it hugely depends what kind of person you are.

    Are you go getter, driven, smart, creative, hard working?

    Off course you are! Keep flipping land. But don’t make it your mission in life waiting until that dirt sells. That’s kind off waste I think.

    The simple answer is:

    Create products and services that are usefu…[Read more]

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