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    I mean, How do you handle this? So do you put all in your own name, or do you have multiple llcs?

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    Hi folks,

    say I want to setup an llc before I start, this has multiple reasons, I’m determined to get into this business.
    So being a non resedident I really want to have my llc in place first.

    One Question is for sure in which state to found? From what I’ve read so far Arizona, and Nevada are good ones, but why?

    I also read that you have to…[Read more]

  • Hi all! I’m following the podcast now for a while and I am really excited about all the posibilities, in Europe you can’t find out that much about realestate in public reords!!! I’m really intrigued and wonder if this business is do-able from Europe, and what the necessary steps would be to implemt this remotly. Anyone frome Europe, doing this…[Read more]

  • Hi l try to research an area in zillow but the Numbers seen make no sense at all. Why are nearby similar properties priced so differently?

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