• Thanks Rod! If we bought the property and initially closed with a title company – do you recommend closing with a title company again when you sell? Or just self close and send the updated deed to the county? (Electronic submittals are probably the easiest if the county allows).

  • Hi – I am curious what some of ya’lls first steps are when you have an interested buyer, however, keep in mind we do not have a credit card system set up etc. on our website. So we will be receiving payment in the form of a check, do you usually tell the buyer once you receive the check you will mail them the new deed (signed)? Or what are some…[Read more]

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    When completing a deal with multiple owners.. does each person that signs need a notary signature? Or just the final owner who will be receiving the check for the parcels?

  • What is the best way to create a new deed from a seller who has three parcels that she wants to get rid of? (DeedPerfect?) And correct me if I’m wrong… but you can have multiple parcels on one deed and one transaction? I will not be getting Title Insurance for these parcels because its is below 5K. Also, this seller has two others on the deed…[Read more]

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