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  • Jason became a registered member 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    • Hello everyone, I am brand new to land investing and I will soon have my first offer letters sent out. As things progress I hope to bring back positive news. Excited to be here! And good luck to all!

      • Hi Jason. Welcome to the Land Investors Forum. That is great that you are getting the mail out. Nothing happens in this business until you send mail. It works.

        • Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate the welcoming. I thought I would put this out there to the the entire forum, but while I am here I wanted to ask, would it be best to send out individually targeted offers to everyone on my potential sellers list based off of market value from the data or take an average of a county, lets say 1 acre average then apply all the offers the same for the 1 acre for the entire county?

          I hope that made sense.

          Thank you again!

          • Jason, I would recommend that you narrow down the parcel size. Buy 1 acre properties or buy 5 acre properties whatever there seems to be a large number of. Then, for that property size and type find the lowest comp value and offer about 25% of that. You will then try to sell for about 50 or 60% of the comp value in that county. Picking the county and the parcel size and then pricing it right is art and science. Do it often enough and you will get good at it.