• Levi, please do give us another update. Very inspiring and curious how that worked out for you. Looking for some early wins myself…pretty confident that this will be wildly sucessful very soon. Thanks and best regards,Jon

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    Taylor, thanks for sharing ! Needed to hear that as i am just starting out. Surely dont expect a cake walk… mistakes,failures and challenges always make us stronger if we turn them into opportunities for personal growth. Tapping into others exp’s shortens the learning curve.Definately hungry to gather wisdom from others who have paved the road before me.

  • Big Hello to my new investor family! I live near seattle so its a hot market. Looking into fastest growing cities and counties outside of puget sound. Very new to land investing so still going thru training materials here. What i clearly understand right off the bat is 1) spending time and focus on money generating activities= mail campaign. Any…[Read more]

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